Monitman Features & Pricing:

Welcome! We are starting up the Monitman Software as a Service section of our company. Join today and help us develop the software your business would like to have in the next few months!

Customer Manager

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Manage your customer data including their contact information, preferences, contracts and interactions.

Supplier Manager - Coming Soon

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Access your supplier information quickly and in one central place. You can upload your supplier contracts, contact information, product information etc

Asset Manager/Tracker - Coming Soon

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Keep track of your assets, their locations and wellbeing - including maintenance histories/schedules.

Employee/HR Manager - Coming Soon

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Manage all the basic HR tasks for your employees, including issuing badges, managing schedules, maintaining contracts etc

Maintenance & Repair - Coming Soon

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Keep your property tasks in one central location, maintain all your maintenance schedules and assets from within your account.

Fleet Management - Coming Soon

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Whatever your fleet consists of we can help your manage them all. Boats, cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles, forklifts, etc.

Custom Solutions

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Time Tracking/Booking

Although we don't offer these features as part of our system we do have a trusted partner we highly recommend:

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